Our Story

Three young aspirants joined together in the dream of building up a world recognised online english language learning platform, which can provide quality learning experience to people all around the world irrespective of their comfort zones. And hence English Mithra was born.


One of the leading online English learning platform English Mithra, assists you in tackling all your difficulties in English language. At English Mithra we emphasise on providing creative and inspiring tools for learning English as a second language at the best possible way. As an online platform we are able to ensure easy access and flexible time schedule for english language learners all around the world. Here at English Mithra, age, job, or education is not a bar for learning English. Be of any age or job we have a special place for you at English Mithra.

Our hardwork and dedication towards our students have made us one of tge leading English learning platforms in India. No compromise in quality has been our motto from the initial stage. And we do take all the necessary steps to maintain the same. We combine the best syllabus and experienced trainers to give you the best possible english learning experience. We focus on wiping out your fear on english speaking and boosts you with confidence to speak English naturally.

We do understand that different students require different needs. Our teaching methods at English Mithra are moulded out in such a way that it delivers special care to each and every student. Change in time calls for change in teaching methods, pushing out the traditional one to all teaching method we have introduced one to one training sessions for our students. We provide each and every student with a personal trainer, who can understand their language needs and train them accordingly.

English Mithra doesn’t simply teaches you English, we make you fall in love with the language.


Spoken English - WhatsApp course

As per one's demand and convenience we teach English through WhatsApp with a practice oriented approach.

Interactive Training Sessions

Trainers are available round the clock to help you to speak natural English over the phone or social media every single day

Personality Development

Our experienced trainers helps you to sort out what’s your problem and provide you with necessary training to take you to next level.

Core team


Amal KR


Shameem Farhan


Sajad TK


Revathy Krishnan


Manu Anshif



Our Mission

“Teaching the intricacies of English through Whatsapp”

Our Vision:

“Being the sole hub of producing confident English writing/speaking pupils”

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever. – Gandhi.”

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